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Where To Buy Tomboy Clothes

Clothing doesn't have a gender, and the wearer is entitle to express their sartorial style regardless of their gender! This is one of our core beliefs. You may use the terms tomboy clothing, androgynous fashion or unisex clothing to find us using a search engine, but does not accurately reflect what is meant by a 'gender free' aesthetic.

where to buy tomboy clothes

Welcome to a different kind of on-line shopping experience, where you are treated as an individual rather than defined by your gender. Maybe you don't want to wear a pastel shirt with a frilly collar. Maybe you like the look of clothes in the aisle marked 'men' but they just don't fit your body shape. Our clothes have a gender neutral appreciation but are designed to fit the variations in people's bodies - hips, bottoms, shoulders and breasts are all different and we have designed for these in mind. We have 4 body shape templates per shirt style, which means our shirts fit like they were tailored individually for you.

I'm so grateful options like this exist for us now! Growing up it was so difficult to find clothes that I truly loved and I always hated "stereotypical" feminine suits. This suit fits my body so well but more than that it makes me inexplicably confident. That confidence shows in my attitude and when I'm out with my wife. I could not be happier with this company.

I'm(F, 5'2 & 95 lbs) looking for new places to shop...I'm kind of a tomboy but looking for clothes that don't look baggy and obviously oversized on me is kind of difficult. Petite tomboys: Where do you guys buy clothes?

City Chic is a go-to for a plus size femme like me, but they also have some really great options for folks looking for tomboy or masculine clothing. FYI, in my opinion the REFINITY brand that City Chic USA carries is really great for plus size masculine cuts!

Tomboy X is a clothing company made for tomboys by tomboys. This company is on a mission to empower women to wear what they want and feel comfortable doing it. They started with comfy boxer briefs and have expanded to much more. Tomboy X celebrates diversity, individuality, and humanity.

Veer NYC is contemporary fashion retailer for women seeking clothing that blurs the lines of modern masculine and feminine style. Veer was started from an Indiegogo campaign and has been made into a successful tomboy shop. They creates clothing for androgynous women by androgynous women. The designers Jenny & Allie hope to contribute to the growing acceptance and awareness of variations in non-gendered fashion.

The Tomboy Shop is a destination shop made for tomboys. This shop offers carefully selected androgynous clothing from up-and-coming designers, as well as some established brands. The owner Rachel Grossinger wanted to simplify shopping for tomboys and create more visibility for great designers. The Tomboy Shop aims to build a community space for androgynous individuals with their clothes and their blog that helps to discover the latest in androgynous fashion and happenings in the community. 041b061a72


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