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John Duran
John Duran

Sleazy Matures Lady

Gorefest! Multiple heads crushed and exploded. By boot, gun, axe, fist, deer antlers. Murderous demon possesses person. Kill it and now you're the demon. And so on and so on. Old lady demon with a revolver gunning people down, 10 year old little girl demon smashing FBI agents skulls to bits. My kind of movie.

sleazy matures lady

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SLEAZY! This movie has a definite sleaziness to it. A lot of disgusting characters and disgusting gore. Interesting locations in the wilderness. A bit different than the other horror movies being made today. Nothing is spelled out and it's a bit weird and confusing, yet still sleazy and gory.I have an odd feeling that this is a Jacob's Ladder flick.

It's told from the perspective of Albert Corde, dean of students at a Chicago college, who has come with his wife Minna to Bucharest to await his mother-in-law's death. She dies just before Christmas, and Corde must use petty bribes and deceptions just to get his wife a visit with the old lady before the end. The bureaucratic tangle of Bucharest is rendered in all its drab and demeaning dullness, a convincing portrait of process running rampant over basic human decencies.

But Chicago appears in some guise on nearly every page. Corde is haunted by it every time he pauses from his skirmishes with spies and minor officials. He has left behind a messy murder case, for one thing, in which he helped bring to trial a black couple who are accused of killing a white student at his college. The defense lawyer is Max Detillion, a sleazy hack who is also Corde's cousin.

What is to stop anyone from speaking truth, clearly, fearlessly, and assertively, while refraining from the sleazy and intellectually bankrupt ad hominem that some of the New Atheists resort to? 041b061a72


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