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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Beau Ramirez
Beau Ramirez

Feeding Frenzy 1 Registration Key Extra Quality

It's a Feeding Frenzy out here - as YOU experience the thrill of feeding some animals: Can be training a gator or a croc, or even a dragon!AND/OR give some enrichment by offering some animals their of their favorite "toys", foods, running ball, or even some cuddle time with our hedgehog, rat, or opossum or 35 lb tortoise- Hercules! Meet and interact with the favorites like snakes, lizards, and gators!

Feeding Frenzy 1 Registration Key

If you don't see a date you would like, call us to book other dates: Every Saturday and Sunday based on availability and must have a minimum of 8 paid participants for it to run.Prepayment and Pre-registrations are required!!

At midnight, things get freaky and wildly intense. The vampires are in the midst of their feeding frenzy like a school of sharks going after chum. The music is violent and severe as the frenzy reaches its peak! The show's conclusion is noted by a single sinister chime.

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In the current depressed market, the quality of the company being sold will be at least as important as the reputation of the underwriter. "In the feeding frenzy of a bull market, people snap at anything," says Mr. Kroll of L. F. Rothschild. "At this point in the market people are more selective."


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