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Evadare Xrun: The Second Chapter of the Incredibox Horror Mod

Incredibox Evadare Xrun Download: A Guide to the Horror-Themed Music Game Mod

If you are a fan of music games, you might have heard of Incredibox, a popular online game that lets you create your own beats and melodies using animated characters. But did you know that there is also a fan-made mod called Evadare that adds a horror twist to the game? And that there is a second chapter of Evadare called Xrun that takes you to the depths of the ocean? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Incredibox Evadare Xrun, how to download and play it, and why it is worth checking out.

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What is Incredibox?

A brief introduction to the original music game

Incredibox is a music game created by French studio So Far So Good in 2009. The game allows you to create your own music by dragging and dropping different sounds onto animated characters. Each character represents a different musical element, such as vocals, beats, effects, melodies, or choruses. You can mix and match the sounds to create your own unique compositions, or follow the hints to unlock special bonuses and tracks. You can also record and share your creations with other players around the world.

The different versions and themes of Incredibox

Since its launch, Incredibox has released eight official versions, each with a different theme and style. The themes range from hip-hop, pop, electro, funk, soul, disco, Brazilian, to Asian. Each version has its own set of characters, sounds, graphics, and animations. You can switch between the versions anytime you want and explore the different musical genres and cultures.

What is Evadare?

A fan-made mod by Incredirem

Evadare is a fan-made mod for Incredibox created by Rem (レム), also known as Incredirem. He is a Polish artist and musician who makes his own mods, tracks, arts, and videos related to Incredibox. He started making mods in 2021 with Galaxy, a fan-made version with original music. He then made Evadare, his most successful mod so far, which has three chapters: Evadare, Xrun, and Void.

The story and concept of Evadare

Evadare is a horror-themed mod that tells the story of Rafe, a human who finds himself in a town full of monsters. He has to escape from the town before he gets captured by the creatures who want him for a big price. The mod has a dark and creepy vibe that contrasts with the original game's cheerful and colorful atmosphere. The mod also features original music composed by Rem himself.

The features and gameplay of Evadare

Evadare has many features and gameplay elements that make it different from the original game. For example:

  • The mod has 20 sounds instead of 16, which means more possibilities for creating music.

  • The mod has 5 bonuses instead of 4, which are short animations that show Rafe's journey through the town.

  • The mod has a story mode that lets you follow Rafe's adventure in a linear way.

  • The mod has a custom menu that shows Rafe's health bar, inventory, map, and objectives.

  • The mod has a night mode that changes the appearance of the characters and the sounds.

  • The mod has a hidden mode that unlocks after you finish the story mode, which adds more challenges and surprises.

Evadare is a mod that offers a lot of fun and creativity for Incredibox fans who want to try something new and different.

What is Xrun?

The second chapter of Evadare

Xrun is the second chapter of Evadare, which was released in June 2021. It continues the story of Rafe, who manages to escape from the town but ends up in a submarine that is sinking into the ocean. He has to find a way out before he runs out of oxygen or gets eaten by the sea monsters. Xrun has a more aquatic and sci-fi theme than the first chapter, and introduces new characters and sounds.

The new characters and sounds of Xrun

Xrun has 20 new sounds that are inspired by the underwater environment and the futuristic technology. The sounds include bubbles, waves, sonar, electric guitar, synth, and more. The sounds are divided into four categories: vocals, beats, effects, and melodies. Each category has five characters that represent the sounds. The characters are:





Rafe: The main character who sings with a low voice.

Shark: A shark-like creature who makes drum sounds with its teeth.

Octopus: An octopus-like creature who makes sound effects with its tentacles.

Dolphin: A dolphin-like creature who makes melody sounds with its whistle.

Aqua: A female character who sings with a high voice.

Fish: A fish-like creature who makes beatbox sounds with its mouth.

Jellyfish: A jellyfish-like creature who makes electric sounds with its stingers.

Whale: A whale-like creature who makes melody sounds with its song.

Captain: A male character who sings with a robotic voice.

Robot: A robot-like creature who makes drum machine sounds with its buttons.

Radar: A radar-like device who makes sound effects with its waves.

Piano: A piano-like device who makes melody sounds with its keys.

Siren: A female character who sings with a siren voice.

Torpedo: A torpedo-like device who makes explosive sounds with its launch.

Alarm: An alarm-like device who makes sound effects with its beep.

Guitar: A guitar-like device who makes melody sounds with its strings.

Chorus: A group of characters who sing together in harmony.

Bonus 1: A bonus animation that shows Rafe escaping from the submarine.

Bonus 2: A bonus animation that shows Rafe fighting against a giant squid.

Bonus 3: A bonus animation that shows Rafe finding a treasure chest.

The bonuses and tracks of Xrun

Xrun has five bonuses that are unlocked by following the hints on the screen. The bonuses are short animations that show Rafe's adventure in the ocean. The bonuses are:

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  • Bonus 1: Escape - Rafe manages to get out of the submarine and swims to the surface.

  • Bonus 2: Fight - Rafe encounters a giant squid that attacks him. He uses his harpoon to fight back and escapes from the squid's grasp.

  • Bonus 3: Treasure - Rafe discovers a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. He opens it and finds a golden key inside.

  • Bonus 4: Rescue - Rafe uses the key to unlock a door that leads to a rescue pod. He enters the pod and activates it, hoping to be saved.

  • Bonus 5: Ending - Rafe's rescue pod reaches the surface and is picked up by a helicopter. He is finally safe and happy, but he wonders what will happen next.

Xrun also has four tracks that are composed by Rem using the sounds of Xrun. The tracks are:

  • Track 1: Submarine - A track that has a suspenseful and mysterious vibe, reflecting Rafe's situation in the submarine.

  • Track 2: Ocean - A track that has a calm and relaxing vibe, reflecting Rafe's exploration of the ocean.Track 3: Battle - A track that has a tense and energetic vibe, reflecting Rafe's fight against the giant squid.

  • Track 4: Escape - A track that has a triumphant and hopeful vibe, reflecting Rafe's escape from the ocean and his rescue.

How to download and play Xrun?

The requirements and steps for downloading Xrun

If you want to download and play Xrun, you will need the following requirements:

  • A computer with Windows or Mac OS.

  • A browser that supports Flash Player, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  • An internet connection for downloading and playing online.

Once you have the requirements, you can follow these steps to download and pla


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