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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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John Duran
John Duran

Girl Farting On Face

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Girl farting on face

So, after weighing the odds and measuring how many hours you won't be staying on Facebook, you decide to deny the lady. Survival Tactic 2: Don't say no directly. It will only get you an earful of shouting followed by stern looks, and definitely not out of shopping. Try reverse psychology. Tell her you really want to go but your Sir has given you a lot of homework. Talk some more about the painful homework you are burdened with. Make sure you have the puppy-dog face on. She is bound to soften up seeing your pain and let you stay home. Take this from someone who is a girl - females can be softened up with a little self-induced pity.

(`\\\`) The Blush or the I-Cut-My-Face-With-A-Razor Let's face it. Even though we are brown skinned and blushing probably doesn't exist for us, we sometimes do feel hot around the collars. Used in those cases. Or if you want to be an "emo"-ticon. Geddit?

(^c^)oO The Fart Used between guy friends. To express the relieving sensation of farting (look at the face). If you are a girl, use it to show that you are thinking and it is taking a strain on you.

: The Duckface Because sometimes you just can't help it. It is very effective against people who have the inane fear that somewhere a duck his watching him (anatidaephobic). Another variation is the Dr. Quack 8 - a duck with glasses.

Brilliantly, 19% of the participants said they would only fart once they had heard their partner do the same, which means that all over the world there are couples waging farting standoffs with one another, just waiting for someone to blink. 041b061a72


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