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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Custom Robo Iso Gamecube ((NEW)) Download For Pc

Custom Robo, the first title in the series to get a US release, is AWESOME. In the world of Custom Robo, people customize small robots (the titular Custom Robos) and use them in matches against one another. Not only is there a story mode, but also a VS mode and plenty of customization.

Custom Robo Iso Gamecube Download For Pc

The graphics are awesome and the sound is so clear that you can hear your robot's feet clang along the ground even when your friends are blowing stuff up and making a lot of noise. I wish this game had less talking and more fighting, and the story is kind of dumb, but in a way it is realistic. But this game is still good. Multiplayer is fun but the customizing makes it kind of complicated. So when you are gonna play with a friend make sure you know what guns your gonna use.


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