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Iball Senior Phone Buy Online

Also, considering it is primarily a projector smartphone, the company is providing a tripod stand for it free of cost. While the company has priced the device at Rs 18,999, it is available for pre-order online for as low as Rs 17,990. In its price range, it will compete with the likes of Nokia Lumia 720 (Rs 17,099), Sony Xperia P (Rs 17,594), Micromax Canvas A210 (RS 17,999), Lenovo P780 (Rs 18,290), and Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (Rs 17,090), among others.

iball senior phone buy online

iBall has launched Aasaan 4, a feature phone designed for senior citizens. The simple mobile phone for the elderly offers features that are easy to use and can be accessed quickly in times of emergency. Interestingly, the phone could also be used by other people, including the disabled, in varied situations thanks to its versatility

Indian electronics and mobile phone maker, iBall, has launched the fourth generation of its popular Aasaan series of feature phones. These phones are certainly not the large-screen smartphones that most companies are making. However, the Aasaan 4 is an interesting and appealing device not just to senior citizens, but also people who are looking for a simple device that offers basic but helpful communication features that can become a life-saver.

While there's a steady stream of new phone releases almost every day, one category that usually doesn't get specifically targeted is the elderly. In the last couple of days though we've seen releases from Philips and Mitashi that are specifically for senior citizens.

The iBall Aasaan 2 is very similar, but added features like music playback and added storage. With a dedicated hardware button for a torch and large physical buttons along with the SOS button to call five user present numbers and play a siren sound, it remains a senior friendly phone. Though most online sites seem to be out of stock we have seen a few units at retail outlets, so it might not be too late to get one if you want to.

This Magicon feature phone is also a fairly standard senior citizen device - a simple interface, large physical buttons, and a high contrast screen with large fonts. An SOS button calls user defined emergency contacts, and this dual SIM phone is largely stripped down of other features.

What sets it apart is that a pull out tab at the bottom of the phone reveals a small magnifying glass - so the phone can be used to check a menu, or look up a number on a card when the text is too small for the elderly. It's an unusual idea, but you can see how it would be useful. This phone is out of stock on most online sellers, though we did find a few that are still offering it at Rs. 1,499.

Launched just this week, the Play Senior Friend from Mitashi is the only Android smartphone we found that seems to be catering to senior citizens. It is running Android 4.4 and we were initially concerned that a touchscreen might make operating the phone harder for the elderly, but Mitashi has customised the interface to make it easy to use.

Despite the huge number of new releases, we could spot only a few handsets on the market that are catering to senior citizens. However, if you've already bought an Android phone for an elderly relative, getting it to work like the Mitashi Play Senior Friend is also an option.

Senior Class of 2023: Put this date on your calendar: Wednesday, April 12. A Lifetouch photographer will be on campus that day to take a picture of the entire senior class! The photo will be taken in the stadium, weather permitting. When printed it will measure 10 inches X 30 inches and be suitable for framing. To get your copy of the photo, you can pick up an order form in the main office OR you can click on the link and order online.

Senior Class of 2023: Put this date on your calendar: Wednesday, April 12. A Lifetouch photographer will be on campus that day to take a picture of the entire senior class! The photo will be taken in the stadium, weather permitting. When printed it will measure 10 inches X 30 inches and be suitable for framing. To get your copy of the photo, you can pick up an order form in the main office OR you can order online with this link.

Easyfone offered by Seniorworld is our top pick for the elderly segment. With a focus on simplicity, the phone is engineered specifically for senior citizens. The lightweight unit with a rubberised matte body provides a good grip and is easy to handle. In terms of specifics, Easyfone features a large 2.2-inch screen, a generous font size for legibility, and a keyboard that calls out the numbers when pushed. Also, the audio is outstanding and ring tone loud. Other highlights include a flashlight at the bottom and a side knob for locking/unlocking the device. It is equipped with an FM radio, Hindi menu and a basic camera that doubles up as a magnifying glass. A cradle charger that works like a stand and a programmable SOS button are some other standout features. Further, there is provision for setting reminders and blocking unwanted callers.

Remember Nokia 3310 the legendary handset launched in September 2000 that went on to become a hot seller. A new version of 3310 was rolled out in 2017. The easy-to-use phone, complete with signature Noika jingle and a simple interface is a fantastic choice for senior citizens. Though slightly slimmer than the original, the new phone has retained the same size and shape. It, however, flaunts a larger 2.4-inch colour screen, a twelve-button telephone keypad, and selection keys. Other highlights of the rebooted 3310 include a 2-megapixel snapper with LED flash, 3.5mm jack, micro-USB port for charging, dual-SIM connectivity and a robust 1,200mAh battery.

As you can see these 6 senior-friendly mobiles focus on features and functions that can benefit the seniors. More than this, there are many other smart devices for senior citizens that can give them comfort and ease. You can skim through online portals like Seniority and get an idea about the same.

A report by analyst firm Forrester Research says that seniors aged 65 years and above are probably more connected and tech-savvy than the rest of the population in the US. The Forrester report also revealed that about 60 percent of US seniors are online.

A good number of senior citizens lose their ability to learn something new which is why they cannot remember how to make calls or store numbers from smartphones. No matter how many times they are taught, they cannot remember the functions always. Sadly, cell phone companies are so engrossed in developing products for youngsters with more addition of features and functions that they are making these phones difficult to operate for our elderly relatives. There is no cell phone company that manufactures mobile phones in India that senior citizens may use smoothly. However, this problem could be corrected as smaller companies such as iBall and Magicon Impex have come up with such phones which are elderly friendly.

Aside from larger buttons, the handset shall have a bright screen which could be converted to a flashlight when a button is touched. A separate SOS button shall be built in for dialing up to 3 emergency contacts designated such as emergency services, doctor and numbers who live close by in case there is an emergency. The senior citizen population in India is around 100 million and sadly there is no cell phone which is designed for this group of users.

For now, Samsung has said that it has no intentions of bringing its handset used by senior citizens in US, Jitterbug to India. Moreover, devices like the iPhone could prove to be very costly for elderly users in developed markets even. Local brands like Karbonn and Micromax too do not have on offer such mobile phones in India.

Most of the mainstream vendors have been dissuaded from manufacturing such phones. Local and global handset makers have not taken the initiative of making such phones because justification of costs for managing the stock keeping of these niche phones is not possible. Most companies opine that such phones shall sell only a few thousand units in a year. Another reason why most companies are shying away from the prospect of making such phones for seniors is the young population of India. Almost 50 percent of the population in India is below 35 years of age and marketing and manufacturing a phone meant for senior citizens may not be well-received by them. It would throw up cost challenges certainly. In developed countries such as US, Europe and Japan, such a concept is viable because ageing population is larger in those countries significantly.

The only two companies in India which are fighting for the cause of senior citizens are iBall Senior Aasaan 2 and Senior Duo by Magicon. These phones have been provided a simple keypad that has large buttons along with a magnifying glass. The phones are priced in the brackets of Rs 2700 and Rs 3550. However, their annual sales are only a fraction of the 250 million-plus phones which are sold in India annually. 041b061a72


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