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CoffeeBiz Tycoon Hackl ((EXCLUSIVE))

The player starts with a small setup, but as he makes progress, he can touch successes and be the wealthiest. The player can compete against other players and join forces in an alliance to become the top best tycoon. In this competition, as other financial companies become richer, the player needs to train his units to defend his assets.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon Hackl


Unlike other tycoon games, the player begins as a small courier, but hard work can help him become an ultimate tycoon giant. The player has to build a packing machine to wrap the fresh goods and satisfy the demands. The player must purchase more vans to improve transport capacity and train employees for efficient performance.

The player can reinvest the cash earned from the business to develop a tycoon empire and makes a huge amount of money. The player must use different strategies to grow revenue, such as setting the high prices, improve the car modify the system, hire experienced employees, etc. Each perfect decision will bring the player close to success, so he has to take positive steps to groom the business.

Casino Tycoon is a Single-player Business Simulation created by Cat Daddy Games and published by Davilex Games for PC. In the game, the player aspires from a small unknown to a business tycoon in this game. There are many characters available, including Marlon Brando from the popular title, The Godfather. The challenging mission for the player is that to become the first casino to attain Five Star rating or struggling to make 50,000 pounds. During the game, the player can control all aspects of the casino, including purchasing casinos, hiring staff, and managing the daily operations. However, the main purpose of the game is to own and manage a casino. Like other tycoon games, the player starts it with nothing, but with limited resources. He starts the game from the beginning, and he aims to reach the height of success by completing goals, upgrading casino, and more. If you want to become a business tycoon, then Casino Tycoon is for you to play.

Car Tycoon is a Single-player Business Simulation developed by Vectorcom Development and published by JoWood Productions. The game puts the player in the role of an owner of the company that must create and sells vehicles. The player starts the game in the 50s in a small town where his main objective is to create a massive factory, a car shop, and a workshop to repair vehicles. The main aim of the player is to make money by producing cars and selling them at a reasonable price in the market. There are more than four-hundred cars available to create, and all vehicles are divided into seven different types. Over seven scenarios can be explored by the player where he will find over four-hundred pre-made cars from 1050 to 2000. The objective of the player is to become a business tycoon by raising the name of his company. Car Tycoon includes key features such as Management Gameplay, Produce and Sell Cars, Make Money, Challenging Levels, Three-hundred Buildings, and more.

RPG Tycoon is a unique blend of Management, Role-playing, and Strategy gameplay elements developed by Skatanic Studios and published by GSProductions Ltd. The game offers classic management gameplay with a unique twist and the main aim the game to provide the player with familiar yet original experience by missing the tycoon gameplay with the unique theme of management. The player has to generate as much money as possible in order to keep his kingdom alive. He starts the player with a small land and must create a beautiful kingdom by placing buildings, structures, etc. on the empty land. As the popularity of the kingdom increases, the player will attract settlers from the surrounding areas to spend money on different shops and services the player offer. There are sixty unique buildings and decoration style available to design and create the ideal kingdom. RPG Tycoon offers core features such as Create the Massive Kingdom, Thirty Quick Combinations, Sixty Epic Quests, Expand the Kingdom, and more.

Carnival Tycoon brings an addictive gameplay for those players who love playing Strategy, Construction and Management Simulation. The game features Single-player mode and starts from an empty land with limited resources, and visitors. You takes on the role of the manager and your ultimate task is to expand your park using lots of buildings, hire staff, and attract more visitors to earn money. The game introduces three level difficulties such as Easy, Normal and Hard. There are different items available such as tree, building, rides, staff, etc. that you can select to place in the park. After earning enough money, you can use it to purchase different upgrades, level-up your staff, and buy exciting rides to gain more visitors. You have to build café and restaurant to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the visitors. Compete against rival tycoon and defeat them to become the master. Upgrades, Achievements, Building, Hire Staff, Night mode, Sandbox Map, twenty Campaigns, etc. are core features in the game to play and enjoy.

Dinopark Tycoon is a 1993 Single-player and Business Simulation developed by Manley and Associates and published by MECC. The game offers the chance to build your dream park and features various dinosaurs as its main attraction. You can use a variety of accessories, items and other things to decorate your park. Assume the role of the park manager and struggle to attract as many visitors as possible to make much money to become the tycoon. The ultimate task is to take care of your dinosaurs while keeping your theme park clean, well maintained and organized. In the beginning, you just start off with a Five-thousand dollars, and you can use your money to purchase land for your park, fencing, hire employees, and buy dinosaurs to progress through the game. As the game progresses, other features, content, and upgrade will be unlocked to enjoy. Become the business tycoon by defeating your rivals and expand your park further and further. With brilliant gameplay and stunning graphic details, Dinopark Tycoon is the enjoyable game to play and enjoy.

Coffee Shop Tycoon combines the elements of Strategy, and Time Management developed and published by Riff Studios. The game has Single-player mode only and available to play on Windows. It lets the player to create his dream coffee shop and decorate it with different accessories, furniture and items to attract customers. The objective of the player is to become the famous coffee shop tycoon in the city and earn enough money to unlock further content. In the beginning, the player needs to hire and train staff, deal with customers and offers them his best coffee. Compete against rival shops and efforts to take down them by providing the best services to his customers. As the player gain experience, he requires to upgrade his shop, staff, and tools. There are a set of levels available and the player has to complete each one with increasing difficulty. Coffee Shop Tycoon offers core features such as Hire and Train Staff, Seasons and Trends, Several Coffee Shops, Build Reputation, Select the Shop, and more. Try it out.

School Tycoon developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by Global Star Software is a Single-player and Economic Simulation available to play on Microsoft Windows. The game lets the player create his dream city and build schools to earn money. It has two different modes such as Career and Sandbox. The player has to build schools using lots of buildings and decorate it with furniture, items, and accessories. Build the roads for school buses and become the business tycoon by defeating his competitors. Control and maintain school systems, hire staff, take care of children and expand his Empire further and further to progress through the game. As the match advanced, it becomes difficult to play. In the beginning, the player has to get a certain amount of students to accomplish objectives, but as the progress, the player has to collect enough money within the time limit to complete his objectives. In Sandbox mode, the game offers the freedom to the player to create any type of school he desires. With prominent features, addictive gameplay, and excellent mechanics, School Tycoon is the best game to play and enjoy.


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