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Contraction joints are typically installed with jointing tools while the concrete is still plastic or by sawing after the concrete has been finished with either a wet-cut saw or more commonly, an early-entry dry-cut saw. For either method, follow these jointing rules to minimize the risk of random or out-of-joint cracking.

Rule #1: Panels formed by contraction joints should be as square as possible. The joint layout should divide a large slab into relatively small, square shaped panels. Avoid long and narrow panels, L-shaped and T-shape panels. The long side should never be larger than 1-1/2 times the short side. For better crack control, limit the length of the long side to 1-1/4 times the short side (Fig.2).

Rule #2: Contraction joints should be continuous, not staggered or offset. Due to stress concentrations that occur where joints (i.e., cracks) terminate, cracking will continue into the unjointed concrete. If discontinuous joints cannot be avoided, insert two or three #4 x 3 feet reinforcing bars in the next slab to intercept the crack that will grow from the discontinuous joint (Fig. 3). Use reinforcing chairs to hold the bars in place in the top 1/3 of the slab.

Rule #4: Install contraction joints at locations where slabs typically crack. Implementing this rule takes experience or inspection of existing flatwork. When walking around town, inspect concrete slabs for cracking. With time, a better understanding of typical crack locations will become apparent. For example, place a contraction joint about three feet from the end of a triangular-shaped slab because that is the location where cracks typically occurs (Fig. 5).

Historically, the maximum recommended distance or spacing in feet between joints has been two to three times the slab thickness in inches. For a 6 in. thick slab, this recommendation yields a maximum joint spacing between 12 and 18 ft. In general, the two to three times the slab thickness recommendation has produced acceptable results if some panel cracking is acceptable. In fact, up to three percent of floor slab panels formed by a combination of saw cutting and construction joints may crack at locations other than the contraction joints.

Rule #5: For better crack control keep the maximum distance between joints in feet at 2 to 2.5 times the slab thickness in inches. For a 6 in. thick slab, the maximum joint spacing should be limited to 12 to 15 ft. Exceeding a joint spacing of 15 ft. for a 6 in. thick slab will increase the potential for random or out-of-joint cracking. In general, reducing the joint spacing or panel size reduces the risk of random cracking.

Also, reducing joint spacings will reduce crack widths within contraction joints which increases the aggregate interlock. Increasing aggregate interlock improves the load transfer capacity and helps maintain better vertical alignment across joints.

How to Evaluate & Troubleshoot Concrete Cracks - Cracks may represent the total extent of damage or the first signs of serious trouble. Some recommendations for troubleshooting concrete cracks prior to designing or performing repairs.

Contraction joints must be deep enough to ensure they are truly weakened planes that crack before random or out-of-joint cracking occurs. If weakened planes or thin slab sections other than the contraction joints exist, random cracking may occur.

Rule #8: For wet-cut sawcut joints, depth of the contraction joint should be 1/4 the slab thickness or a minimum of 1 in. To ensure joint activation or cracking, sometimes a sawcut depth of 1/3 the slab thickness is specified. However, there will be less aggregate interlock with a deeper joint. The depth tolerance for sawcut joints is 1/4 in.

In addition to depth of contraction joints, saw cut timing is critical to minimize random cracking. In general, saw cut joints should be installed as soon as the concrete is sufficiently hard to resist tearing and raveling and before random cracking occurs.

Apple staff can tell you about the crack. I have had the problem twice and apple replaced the ipad both times. It seems a single edge to edge hairline crack occurs spontaneously, likely a flaw. If there is any spider web in the crack it means it was hit and no replacement. You are under warranty. Make an appt at the Apple store and they will likely replace the ipad assuming no signs of damage otherwise. My screen just cracked for the 3rd time. It was in a hard case with a glass screen protector. This problem needs to be addressed publicly.

I thought I was going crazy. The past few weeks I noticed that the finger print ID had not been working great. I thought about bringing it in but it wasn't sure it was something I could replicate. The home button would get a little hot and cause the home button to fail.(I had read on a forum that can happen when charging) I was home alone using it this morning, left it on my desk when I returned the screen was cracked around the home button and hairline cracks up the screen.

3. No one knows today when the Bell was cracked. The crack is a big subject of debate among historians. One theory is the Bell got its first crack in 1752 when it was tested upon its arrival in Philadelphia.

Product ID: TDS-104 The #1 trusted and reliable liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for your go-to commercial and residential tile and stone applications. It creates a waterproof membrane barrier and reduces crack transmission for use on both interior and exterior substrates. It bonds directly to clean metal drains, PVC, stainless steel, and ABS drain assemblies. It can be used as a slab-on-grade moisture vapor barrier under all types of floor coverings.


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