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[S3E5] Never Scared

Back at the lab, Zack, Booth, and Cam figure out that Judith was buried alive. Hodgins says that Stella was bitten by tarantulas, which is what caused all the punctures on her body and probably caused her to pull out her own hair. Hodgins also found mysterious steel dust on Judith. Traces of drugs that would induce panic were also found on both victims, which causes Cam to think that the murderer literally caused the victims to be scared to death.

[S3E5] Never Scared

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Booth talks to Judith's older sister in his office. She says that she took her to the amusement park, but Judith was scared to go into the fun house. Her sister went without her, but when she got out Judith was gone. Her sister says that Gregg was at the fun house while they were there, and he told her that Judith walked away with some guy while her sister was in the fun house.

Leaving the room, they hear Megan screaming from a locked room. Bones tries to shoot the lock off the door but shoots Booth too, giving him a flesh wound. When they open the door they see a bunch of snakes, which Bones is scared of. She goes on Booth's back as they enter the room. A man dressed as a clown comes to the door with a gun and Bones tries to shoot him, but she misses. Booth drops her and goes after the clown while he tells Bones to stay in the snake room and protect Megan.

Paula stays in bed all morning watching a Facebook video about her friendship with Rebecca. Facebook picked their best ones for their Friendiversary. Scott wants to cheer Paula up, so he bribes the boys into a game of Fancy Fairy Funhomes, complete with fairy wings and crowns. They normally never want to play it with Paula, because they have those stupid penises. Paula loves it, and the boys get into the game, a sort of souped up version of Candy Land.

This episode begins at midnight, with Cyborg tiredly asking Robin why he is still awake. Without removing his gaze from the large crime computer's screen, Robin informs Cyborg that he still has work to do. Cyborg yawns and heads off to bed himself. Shortly thereafter, Robin heads to the basement of the tower, and opens a box full of Slade artifacts and removes Slade's mask. As dust billows from the mask, causing Robin to cough, Cyborg turns on the lights from behind him and informs him that Slade is really gone for good this time. Robin claims that they could not be sure of that, as Slade was never captured or located. Just then, the Tower's alarm systems go off, causing him to drop the conversation (and the mask) as they both head upstairs. The camera lingers on Slade's cracked mask before fading to black.

The remaining three Titans, somewhere in the city, converge and are all confused as to why they could not find Slade or his generators, and suspect that it is all just "one of Slade's tricks". Just then, Starfire meets up with them, and after being asked by the others where Robin is, reveals that he opted to continue the search on his own, since she, for whatever reason, was unable to see Slade. She also says that she has never seen Robin so angry, let alone at her, before Cyborg suggests they go find him.

Robin is then shown to have arrived at Slade's old hideout, and snoops around. He then spots Slade once again, and, in trying to get the jump on him, is nearly crushed by a falling pile of rubble, Slade taunting him all the while. Robin asks Slade why Starfire was unable to see him, and he replies that he had been using cloaking technology. He then explains that the Titans are unable to see him or the generators, and are therefore unable to stop him. This leads Robin to vow to stop him alone if need be, resting on the laurel that he has done so before, but Slade says that this is impossible, as he is still here and at large. This enrages Robin and he rushes toward Slade, but is again unable to land even a single blow as Slade continuously dodges every one of his attacks. Slade then goes on the offensive, assuring him that he will never save the city as he cannot even save himself, before continuing to brutally beat Robin.

Waking up in the infirmary and restrained to his bed, Robin overhears the other Titans discussing his abnormal behavior, and that they are planning to run tests on him. Just then, seeing Robin is all by himself, Slade returns. Meanwhile, after running said tests, the results show that Robin's vital signs are normal. Starfire refuses to believe this, as Robin would never threaten or yell at his friends, and demands that they must find what is causing him to behave so violently. Beast Boy suggests that Slade may actually be invisible, but Cyborg refutes this as his radar showed no indication of Slade's presence, and would have even if he were invisible. Just then, Robin's heart level, blood pressure and neural kinetics go off the charts, just before his heart level flatlines. This provokes them to burst into the sickbay, but Robin is nowhere to be found. Before they can try to find him, Robin (offscreen) activates the Tower's quarantine protocol, and every entrance/exit in the Tower closes. Worried for Robin's safety, Starfire unsuccessfully tries to force her way out of the sickbay, leading Raven to use her powers to find Robin. She eventually does, and, telepathically communicating with each other, argue over the presence of Slade in the Tower. However, Slade appears and throws a punch at Robin, which Raven feels and gets thrown back by. This makes her realize that Slade is indeed real, at least to Robin, and that, in fighting Slade and losing badly, the stress on his brain is killing him.

Cyborg reveals that Slade's mask contained a hallucinogenic chemical reagent that, when he breathed it in, entered Robin's bloodstream and infiltrated his central nervous system, which caused him to hallucinate Slade, even though he was not actually there. He also reveals that the chemicals are now cleared from his body, but Robin, just to be sure, turns the lights off, and Cyborg is proven right when no signs of Slade surface. Robin then reflects on the fact that he had been fighting Slade for so long, it was hard to just accept that he was done for. But he also feels that he is the only one who still believes Slade is not truly gone for good, and that he is the only one who can find and stop him. Starfire and Cyborg reassure Robin that he is never alone, and that if Slade does ever return, they will be ready for him, before advising Robin to get some rest. After Robin is gone, Beast Boy appears in the sickbay's bed, still sick with a cold and sneezing and inadvertently morphing into random animals repeatedly, causing Raven and Starfire to laugh. However, their laughter is cut short by another revelation from Cyborg: the reagent in Slade's mask did not trigger itself, there was a signal; someone triggered it from outside the tower, making the girls go wide-eyed. The scene then switches to Slade's mask in the basement, and the camera slowly zooms in on it as the eye hole starts glowing red, ultimately ending this episode in mystery.

Early the next morning, Sophie takes a walk on the beach and finds the skinny dipper Joseph half-dressed post-dip. They share their dreams: she, about her son who is trapped at Harrow; he, that his son (whenever he has one) will go to Eton. He tells her they are alike; be they footman or Duchess, neither has power.

Maybe because Skerrett and Victoria started out together as very young women, Skerrett never seemed too bowled over by the Queen. That allowed them to have conversations that helped Victoria stay grounded and informed. Victoria clearly misses the companionship of her dearly departed Skerrett. Her relationship with replacement Abigail seems to frustrate her.

The two bond over fearing their own death and feeling empty inside and useless. While Sachiko is scared of Cliff and inside her glass box, Robotman still tries to go in for a hug. Back at the bus, Larry has his own hallucination of police before seeing his elderly son, who we met last season.

Leonard still can't believe Penny is going out with him, and Raj echoes the sentiment: "Nobody can". Howard then brings up their "Girlfriend Pact": if either one dated a hot girlfriend, they would have her find a date for the other. Leonard can't remember making the pact, but Sheldon promptly announces the date (June 30, 2004), place (Opening Day of "Spiderman II", AMC Theaters, Pasadena) and available concession stand snacks ("Only red Icees, no blue"). Leonard admits that he only agreed to the pact because he never thought he'd have a hot girlfriend, and he was positive Howard never would have one either. Raj was absent during the pact agreement due to his small bladder.

Afterwards, everyone leaves the wedding and Serena sits alone. Carter comes over and asks if she's okay. She replies that she needs some time, and Carter leaves, but not before saying he really does care about her. He sees Bree with her cousins, Beth's brothers, and tells them that he'll be at The Downing that night and they can't have a confrontation at the wedding. Unbeknownst to them, Chuck witnesses the whole thing. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily aren't having any luck finding Scott. After wandering around for awhile, they see Scott about to board the bus. When Rufus catches him, he admits that when he found out his parents were him and Lily and that they were getting back together, he was happy. But then he found out they might not get married and he hoped they gave him up because they weren't ready and not because they didn't love each other. Lily comes up, and tells Rufus that she is scared but she's ready to face their future. She apologizes to Scott, and the three hug. That night, Rufus and Lily get married at the loft. After they're married, Lily admits to Serena that if she was at Brown, the wedding probably wouldn't have happened. Meanwhile, Scott apologizes to Dan for not telling him who he was. Jenny asks how Scott feels about board games, and is happy when he says he loves them. Scott tells Dan that he feels bad for putting Vanessa in the middle of everything, and that he might return over the holidays to visit. Sonic Youth begins to play, and Serena sits in the back alone. Chuck comes in and Serena tells him what Carter explains. He reveals that even though he hates Carter, he gave him a chance to leave and he has to give him credit for going to the wedding know Bree would be there. Serena realizes the girl he was engaged to was a Buckley, and Chuck says Carter must really care about her and the Buckley's clearly want revenge. In the main room, Nate confronts Bree about using him to get to Carter. She admits she did, and that her family will always come before him. She tries to apologize, but he asks her to leave. In the back room, Serena tries to call Carter but gets sent to voicemail. It's revealed he's in a car with Bree's cousins. Back at the loft, Rufus and Lily share their first dance as a couple. Dan tells Blair that the night would have been perfect if Georgina didn't get away, and Blair tells him she wouldn't be too sure about that. At a bar, Georgina is approached by Vanya pretending to be a prince from Belarus. He invites her to come back to his home country with him to celebrate his oil pipeline, and she agrees to go. On their way out, Dorota reveals herself from behind a menu, revealing it was a set up as revenge on Georgina. 041b061a72


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