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[S2E7] Another Bad Thanksgiving

But Roseanne is still an overwhelming presence in not only Dan's life but the rest of the family's as well, and the pain over her loss bubbled up as Jackie and Darlene verbally tore apart one another.

[S2E7] Another Bad Thanksgiving


This episode hits all the notes: a family fight, a crying child, a big mess and a Thanksgiving dinner that never starts on time. Whether you have a mischievous sibling or another famous troublemaker in the family, this special will give you a taste of a Thanksgiving at home.

You don't need another article telling you The Simpsons is good: It's 30 years old, grown men quote it like the first eleven seasons contain the 600 new commandments, and it raised a significant portion of this generation's latchkey kids. Instead, here are five episodes perfect for a Thanksgiving watch, from the obvious to the simply very funny:"Bart vs. Thanksgiving," Season Two, Episode 7"Homer the Heretic," Season Four, Episode 3"Selma's Choice," Season Four, Episode 13"You Only Move Twice," Season Eight, Episode 2"Homer's Enemy," Season Eight, Episode 23

Kevin, Randall, and Woody go to Brickleberry Medical Center to see Dr. Kuzniak, who says that all he's been doing recently is performing unethical experiments on animals, testing out his brain device on them so he can switch brains with a duck. Dr. Kuzniak puts his brain in a duck's body and gives another duck a blowjob. Randall pickpockets Dr. Kuzniak's duck-brained body and Kevin spots a loyalty card in Dr. Kuzniak's wallet, that clearly comes from whatever animal poaching business he got the animals from.

Unfortunately, bitch, we are not joking. Euphoria has aired its final episode of Season 2. In what was one of the most edge-of-your-seat, depressing episodes of the series, we watched the conclusion of Lexi's play, the catastrophic death of one character, the arrest of another, and what appears to be the end of Rules for good(?). Not even a 35-minute-long musical interlude from Elliot could lighten the mood.

Thoughts: The definition of a piece-moving episode, this is another late-in-the-season finale setup piece. Nothing much of consequence happens although everyone seems in a lot of anguish hoping something will change for them. Cassie and Lexi's mom emerges as a real MVP here ("Lexi hide the knives in the bushes"), but otherwise there is little forward momentum.

Thoughts: For as strong as the first season of Euphoria starts, it ends even stronger. We're back to another party (a school-sanctioned winter formal), and the whole cast is scuttling around the dance floor airing their petty grievances. Maddy and Nate are in a dance battle. Jules and Rue are declaring their love for one another while Kat and Ethan finally get on the same page. Mix in the heartbreaking scene of Cassie getting an abortion, and Jules's decision to leave Rue at the train station, and you've got a tragicomedy Shakespeare wishes he could have concocted. The whole season then concludes with Rue's relapse, depicted as a musical maelstrom where she's carried down the street by a company of burgundy dancers. Euphoria loves an experimental sequence and this one intertwined the beauty, horror, and frenzy of her using perfectly.

Season 2 is when Friends was really propelled into stardom. This season is just as funny as season one, but we have a better understanding of who the characters are at this point which made audiences more invested. One of the major conflicts the friends face is welcoming Ross's new girlfriend Julie into the group after all rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together. Eventually Ross and Rachel do find their way to one another, but things go south when Ross makes a list of the pros and cons about dating Rachel.

Coming in at number one on the list of every season of Friends ranked is season 3. With some of the funniest and most entertaining episodes of the entire series, all twenty-five episodes of season 3 are amazing. From the hysterical football game the group plays on Thanksgiving to their trip to Phoebe's friend's beach house, the storylines are great. We see Ross and Rachel start to show feelings for one another again, and Monica and Chandler foreshadow their relationship in the near future after Chandler asks her if she would ever consider dating him. Even though Season 3 is the best in our opinion, every season of Friends is a must-watch.

Captain Holt: I don't always understand Peralta's texts. He's says they're still waiting on the lab and it's "allz good", allz with a Z. Then a box with a question mark. Another box with a question mark. Another box with a question mark. Another box with a question mark. Another box with a question mark. And yet another box with a question mark. Then a box with a question mark. What does that mean?Sergeant Jeffords: It means you don't have emojiis on your phone. 041b061a72


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