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Beau Ramirez

Liquid Database 1.9.0

Pre-installed UCM connects to the Enapter Gateway and sends performance and error data to the Enapter Cloud. Data is stored in a time series database which displays it in real-time on customizable dashboards.

Liquid Database 1.9.0

The SEDD 5.2 Specification requires that each SamplePlusMethod node be distinct (See Section 4.1.1 of the SEDD 5.2 Specification). ADR.Net will import and process SEDD files with duplicate SamplePlusMethod nodes and create a warning message when this condition exists.For Field Samples, duplicate SamplePlusMethod nodes exist when two or more SamplePlusMethod nodes contain repeating data in the following combined data elements: ClientSampleID, CollectedDate, ClientMethodID and QCType. ADR.Net creates a duplicate SamplePlusMethod warning message when this condition exists.For Laboratory generated samples (Laboratory Control Samples, Laboratory Control Sample Duplicates, and Method Blanks), duplicate SamplePlusMethod nodes exist when two or more SamplePlusMethod nodes contain repeating data in the following combined data elements: LabSampleID, CollectedDate, ClientMethodID and QCType. ADR.Net creates a duplicate SamplePlusMethod warning message when this condition existsWhile will import and process a SEDD file with duplicate SamplePlusMethod nodes be aware this condition may create duplicate records when SEDD files are imported into a database or other Help IndexBack to Top

Hummingbot now supports dYdX exchange! dYdX describes itself as a full-featured decentralized exchange (originating from the US) for spot and margin trading. dYdX is built on Ethereum, and launched at the beginning of May 2019 with spot and margin trading on ETH-DAI. dYdX claims to offer one of the most liquid order books across decentralized exchanges.

anamiR This package isintended to identify potential interactions of miRNA-target geneinteractions from miRNA and mRNA expression data. It containsfunctions for statistical test, databases of miRNA-target geneinteraction and functional analysis.

IPO The outcome of XCMSdata processing strongly depends on the parameter settings. IPO(Isotopologue Parameter Optimization) is a parameter optimizationtool that is applicable for different kinds of samples and liquidchromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometrydevices, fast and free of labeling steps. IPO uses natural, stable13C isotopes to calculate a peak picking score. Retention timecorrection is optimized by minimizing the relative retention timedifferences within features and grouping parameters are optimizedby maximizing the number of features showing exactly one peak fromeach injection of a pooled sample. The different parameter settingsare achieved by design of experiment. The resulting scores areevaluated using response surface models.

LOBSTAHS LOBSTAHS isa multifunction package for screening, annotation, and putativeidentification of mass spectral features in large, HPLC-MS lipiddatasets. In silico data for a wide range of lipids, oxidizedlipids, and oxylipins can be generated from user-suppliedstructural criteria with a database generation function. LOBSTAHSthen applies these databases to assign putative compound identitiesto features in any high-mass accuracy dataset that has beenprocessed using xcms and CAMERA. Users can then apply a series oforthogonal screening criteria based on adduct ion formationpatterns, chromatographic retention time, and other properties, toevaluate and assign confidence scores to this list of preliminaryassignments. During the screening routine, LOBSTAHS rejectsassignments that do not meet the specified criteria, identifiespotential isomers and isobars, and assigns a variety of annotationcodes to assist the user in evaluating the accuracy of eachassignment.

proFIA Flow InjectionAnalysis coupled to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry is apromising approach for high-throughput metabolomics. FIA- HRMSdata, however, cannot be pre-processed with current software toolswhich rely on liquid chromatography separation, or handle lowresolution data only. Here we present the proFIA package, whichimplements a new methodology to pre-process FIA-HRMS raw data(netCDF, mzData, mzXML, and mzML) including noise modelling andinjection peak reconstruction, and generate the peak table. Theworkflow includes noise modelling, band detection and filteringthen signal matching and missing value imputation. The peak tablecan then be exported as a .tsv file for further analysis.Visualisations to assess the quality of the data and of the signalmade are easely produced.

Added mgFeatures class - this class replaces metagenomeAnnotation inthe 16S workflow, and contains database information for a userprovided list of database sequence ids. A newmetagenomeAnnotation-class will be added to the package when asuitable R native 16S taxonomic classificaiton method is available.

MacVector v.15.5.3 was used for sequence analysis and graphs were created using R language. Flow cytometry data were processed using FlowJo v.10.5.0. GraphPad Prism 7 was used for data analysis. Immunoglobulin gene sequence AB1 files were converted to FASTQ format using the Biopython package. FASTQ files were trimmed by quality using cutadapt v.1.18 software. Igblast v.1.9.0 was used for VDJ assignment and clone analysis was performed using Change-O software v.0.3.7. For macaques, a custom VDJ database was created using previously reported immunoglobulin gene sequences61.

Here's the current gem list: [ /var/www/html/redmine4]#gem list*** LOCAL GEMS ***actioncable (6.0.0, 5.2.3)actionmailbox (6.0.0)actionmailer (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)actionpack (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)actionpack-xml_parser (1.0.2)actiontext (6.0.0)actionview (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)activejob (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)activemodel (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)activerecord (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)activerecord-deprecated_finders (1.0.4)activerecord-session_store (1.1.2)activestorage (6.0.0, 5.2.3)activesupport (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)addressable (2.5.2)arel (9.0.0, 6.0.4)awesome_nested_set (3.0.3)bigdecimal (default: 1.3.4)builder (3.2.3)bundler (1.16.1)capybara (3.29.0, 3.0.1, 2.18.0)chartkick (2.3.4)childprocess (0.9.0)cliver (0.3.2)cmath (default: 1.0.0)codeclimate-test-reporter (1.0.9)coderay (1.1.2)coderay_bash (1.0.7)coffee-rails (4.2.2)coffee-script (2.4.1)coffee-script-source (1.12.2)concurrent-ruby (1.1.4, 1.0.5)crass (1.0.4)css_parser (1.6.0)csv (default: 1.0.0)dalli (2.7.8)database_cleaner (1.6.2)date (default: 1.0.0)dbm (default: 1.0.0)did_you_mean (1.2.0)diff-lcs (1.3)docile (1.1.5)erubi (1.8.0)erubis (2.7.0)etc (default: 1.0.0)execjs (2.7.0)faraday (0.8.11)faraday_middleware (0.9.2)fcntl (default: 1.0.0)ffi (1.9.23)fiddle (default: 1.0.0)fileutils (default: 1.0.2)formatador (0.2.5)fuubar (1.3.3)globalid (0.4.1)groupdate (4.0.0)guard (2.14.2)guard-compat (1.2.1)guard-rspec (4.7.3)haml (5.0.4)hashie (1.2.0)holidays (6.4.0)htmlentities (4.3.4)i18n (0.7.0)inifile (3.0.0)io-console (default: 0.4.6)ipaddr (default: 1.2.0)jquery-rails (3.1.5, 3.1.4)json (default: 2.1.0)kaminari (0.17.0)libv8 ( x86_64-linux)liquid (2.6.3)listen (3.1.5)loofah (2.2.3, 2.2.2)lumberjack (1.0.13)mail (2.7.1, 2.6.6)marcel (0.3.3)metaclass (0.0.4)method_source (0.9.0)mime-types (3.2.2, 3.1)mime-types-data (3.2018.0812, 3.2016.0521)mimemagic (0.3.2)mini_mime (1.0.0)mini_portile2 (2.3.0)minitest (5.11.3, 5.10.3)mocha (1.5.0)multi_json (1.13.1)multipart-post (1.2.0)mysql2 (0.4.10)nenv (0.3.0)net-ldap (0.12.1)net-telnet (0.1.1)nio4r (2.5.1)nokogiri (1.8.5, 1.8.2)notiffany (0.1.1)openssl (default: 2.1.0)ox (2.9.3)passenger (5.2.3)poltergeist (1.17.0)power_assert (1.1.1)protected_attributes (1.1.4)pry (0.11.3)psych (default: 3.0.2)public_suffix (3.0.2)rack (2.0.4, 1.6.11, 1.6.9)rack-openid (1.4.2)rack-test (0.6.3)rails (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)rails-deprecated_sanitizer (1.0.3)rails-dom-testing (2.0.3, 1.0.9)rails-html-sanitizer (1.2.0, 1.0.4)railties (6.0.0, 5.2.3, 4.2.8)rake (12.3.2, 12.3.1, 12.3.0)rb-fsevent (0.10.3)rb-inotify (0.9.10)rbpdf (1.19.3)rbpdf-font (1.19.1)rdoc (default: 6.0.1, 4.3.0)redcarpet (3.4.0)redmine_crm (0.0.42, 0.0.37)redmine_extensions (0.2.12)ref (2.0.0)regexp_parser (1.6.0)request_store (1.0.5)rmagick (2.16.0)roadie (3.2.2)roadie-rails (1.1.1)rspec (2.99.0)rspec-collection_matchers (1.1.3)rspec-core (2.99.2)rspec-expectations (2.99.2)rspec-mocks (2.99.4)rspec-rails (2.99.0)ruby-ole ( (2.3.0)ruby-progressbar (1.9.0)ruby_dep (1.5.0)rubyzip (1.2.1)scanf (default: 1.0.0)sdbm (default: 1.0.0)selenium-webdriver (2.53.4)shellany (0.0.1)shoulda (3.5.0)shoulda-context (1.2.2)shoulda-matchers (2.8.0)simple_enum (2.3.2)simplecov (0.17.1, 0.9.2)simplecov-html (0.10.2, 0.9.0)simplecov-rcov (0.2.3)spreadsheet (0.6.9)sprockets (3.7.2, 3.7.1)sprockets-rails (3.2.1)stringio (default: 0.0.1)strscan (default: 1.0.0)temple (0.8.0)test-unit (3.2.7)test_after_commit (0.4.2)therubyracer (0.12.3)thor (0.20.3, 0.20.0)thread_safe (0.3.6)tilt (2.0.8)transifex-ruby-fork-jg (0.1.0)tzinfo (1.2.5)uuidtools (2.1.5)vcard (0.2.15)webrick (default: 1.4.2)websocket (1.2.5)websocket-driver (0.7.0)websocket-extensions (0.1.3)wice_grid (3.5.0)xmlrpc (0.3.0)xpath (3.2.0, 3.0.0)yard (0.9.12)zeitwerk (2.1.10)zip-zip (0.3)zlib (default: 1.0.0)

We have a number of products as part of the Ansys suite. We have installed version 19 of the license server, but the clients are still detecting version 18. The message we get is (eg. from Ansys FLUENT): Welcome to ANSYS Fluent Release 19.0 Copyright 1987-2017 ANSYS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, distribution or duplication is prohibited. This product is subject to U.S. laws governing export and re-export. For full Legal Notice, see documentation.Build Time: Dec 18 2017 15:16:54 Build Id: 10138 ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Your version of the ANSYS license manager software is out of date. Please download and install the current ANSYS license manager from the ANSYS Customer Portal.The version of the license server 2325@[our license server] [1.8.3] must be greater or equal to the client FLUENT_SOLVER version [1.9.0].Hit return to exit.Unexpected license problem; exiting.


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