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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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John Duran
John Duran

Dusty Attic Buy Sell Trade ((FREE))

First Monday started in July 1893 and has taken place every month since; rain or shine, sleet or snow. It started as a day set aside once a month for people to come together and trade their wares with others. It remains that to this day. We like to say you can find anything at First Monday, from antiques to "as seen on TV" products, to a 100 year old cast iron skillet in need of a little love, to designer clothes, pedigree puppies & black & tan hounds, to finger-licking' barbecue & street Tacos and everything in between. The place has a way about it, a call to yesteryear when things were simpler. When you stop by, you can take a leisurely stroll down the dusty aisles and enjoy the sights and sounds of days gone past, where the streets bustle with activity, people shopping, sharing stories, snacking on a hot dog, finding odd items, comparing prices and, of course, you can always hear some good old fashioned "haggling." It's this interaction between the vendors and their customers that makes First Monday unique to all other Flea Markets in the Mid-South. It's real people talking and trading with real people.

dusty attic buy sell trade


Found an old beat-up guitar in your grandfather's attic or just inherited some dusty old Italian racecar from your recently deceased Uncle Giuseppe? Curious to know what it's worth? Give us a call to speak with one of our vintage car or guitar experts and find out more information than you could ever have dreamed to know about your vintage car or guitar.

What's in your attic? Most people don't know! Let's face it, getting up in the attic can be dangerous, dark and dusty and what are you looking for once you are there? The Top Trade Insulation and Attic team has been in thousands of attics and we know what to look for. We provide no-charge inspections of your attic or crawlspace. Gain peace-of-mind whether you are planning to sell your home, or just want to live comfortably for years to come. We'll check for damage, ventilation issues, moisture, leaks, mold staining, problems, disconnected venting and sufficient levels of insulation. While we are in your attic, we'll take photos so you can see how things look and will give you our evaluation on the health of your attic.

Are you still holding onto your CD collection? Do you still play physical CDs? If not, what is the reason you are holding onto your trusted albeit dusty CD collection? And if you did cut the cord, where did your CDs go after they left your attic/basement/closet? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thoroughly clean mildewed surfaces, woodwork and other wooden parts by scrubbing them with a mild alkali, such as washing soda or trisodium phosphate (8 to 10 tablespoons to a gallon (3.8 liters) of water), or with disinfectants, such as a quaternary disinfectant or pentachlorophenate. Paint and grocery stores and janitors' supply houses sell these products under various trade names. Rinse the wood well with clear water and allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Then apply a mildew-resistant paint. (See the section "Give special care to some articles and surfaces" for precautions.)

3. Good timing. Options investors have to make two correct assumptions during a well-defined time frame for the trade to pay off: picking the right time to buy the option, and deciding exactly when before the option expires to exercise, sell or walk away. 041b061a72


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