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Beau Ramirez
Beau Ramirez

Breaking Bubbas

It seems that the Majors in professional golf always bring wild stories and this past week was no different from any other. Bubba Watson had a chance at breaking the scoring record at the PGA Championship during his second round.

Breaking Bubbas

Bubba Blackwell began his career on April 26, 1998, when he jumped 20 cars in Everett, Massachusetts at Boston Harley-Davidson, breaking the 19-car record held by Evel Knievel. The following year, on July 4, 1999, during an airing of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Blackwell jumped 14 buses at Del Mar Fair in California, tying the record held by Knievel,[2] who leaped 14 buses at Kings Island in 1975 (although Knievel's rear tire touched the 14th bus, his landing was successful). Five months later, Blackwell broke Knievel's bus-jumping record by jumping 15 buses.[3][4]

On March 10, 2014, Discovery Channel premiered the television show, Heirs to the Dare, featuring Blackwell. Heirs to the Dare also featured stunt performers Henry "Pitbull" Rife and Super Joe Reed.[9] The Discovery Channel describes Blackwell as "best known for breaking Evel Knievel's jump records for both cars and buses. He's known as 'king of the Harley' and he's had some really bad falls with 42 broken bones, to date. Bubba attempts jumps over objects that include helicopters with blades in full rotation as he earns big dollars for big jumps to support his family."[10]

After his career in football breaking records for the Detroit Lions, Baker, now 60, and his wife pursued a catering business in Ohio. For Baker, barbecue is a family affair, and he learned the trade from his uncle, "Daddy Jr." 041b061a72


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