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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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With a major refit in 2019 that saw fresh, bright-white hull paint and a comprehensive systems overhaul, plus a 10-year Lloyds survey completed in May this year, Valerie is reckoned to be as good as new.


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Contemporary white supremacists using early medieval imagery are part of a longer, troubled history of modern figures writing myths of the medieval world. Examples abound from early nationalist scholarship, Nazi medievalism, white nationalist imagery, etc. This panel seeks papers on the ways that the fields of Old English and Old Norse have been appropriated in white supremacist and nationalist myths. Topics might include contemporary racist imagery and ideology, how the history of medieval studies has colluded with these myths, or how nascent race-thinking appears in the medieval texts themselves. Send 250 word abstracts to and

Sandmann has said he received death threats and insults in the initial backlash over the incident. The lawsuit accuses the Post of targeting Sandmann "because he was the white, Catholic student" wearing a MAGA cap on his school's field trip to Washington, D.C., to attend the March for Life rally. 041b061a72


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