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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Beau Ramirez
Beau Ramirez

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For making MPEG animations of your movies from a sequence of still images, try "ppmtompeg", which is installed on(at least some of) the CS grad machines. You may need to use "convert" to change formats to PPM or JPEG, which is whatppmtompeg likes. Jason Harrison put together a script mkmpeg (download it, don't read it directly)as an easier front-end to this program; it generates a parameter file etc. for you.If you have access to a machine with Quicktime Pro, such as via a guest account on any of the Mac's in FSC 2330, you cangenerate higher quality .MOV files (e.g. with the MPEG-4 codec, which is usually the best) from a sequence of images.Note that Quicktime doesn't read PPM natively, but it does read SGI, JPEG, and several others.

G Kutta Se of the movies free download


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