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Lie Huo Jiao Chou - Episode 3 REPACK

Like with every episode of this donghua, the finale felt unfinished. Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire specializes in cliffhangers, and the conclusion is no exception. An end credit scene points toward a second season, and since the first season only touches on the larger story this is meant to become, I am certainly here for it.

Lie Huo Jiao Chou - Episode 3


Lie Huo Jiao ChouTitlesDrowning Sorrows in Raging FireLHJC烈火澆愁LanguagesChineseGenresAction, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Shounen-aiPrintChaptersprologue + 136 chapters + 8 extrasNovelsNovels1Released2018AuthorPriestAnimeEpisodesSeasons121Released2021 (scheduled)ProducersbilibiliStudioShenying AnimationLie Huo Jiao Chou is web novel authored by Priest and published by jjwxc. An ONA anime by studio Shenying Animation was released during 2021 and aired for 12 episodes.

A big plot twist is revealed and shows that the characters are not perfect and will get things wrong. They will suffer losses and that there will be consequences for it. This episode also proved that the main cast is not infallible and do make errors. It also showed us that there is corruption going on and gives a hint that the plot is going to take a turn and provide us with depth. Plus, we are shown a surprising side and an unexpected action from Sheng Lingyuan. This unexpected move made me even more invested in a character I have already admitted to being obsessed with. Once again, the cliffhanger was brilliantly frustrating.

Since this is an adaptation of a well put together novel, the characterisation does not suffer. Every character has their place, has their personality and style, relationships, thoughts and priorities and goals. They do not overshadow nor under-deliver with their purpose. Each moves the story along to the next point. This aspect helps with the pacing. Pacing can make or break a series. I seriously hope that this continues all the way through all of the episodes.

With the pacing done really well, the cliffhangers were amazingly executed. This is made to be watched weekly, as intended with its release but will still hold up well with a binge-watch. I personally will be along for the ride for the next seven weeks and then once all twelve episodes are complete, I shall then indulge in a binge session.

Each season takes place in a different rural part of China.[1] The cast members are only provided with the basic life necessities and have to take care of everything else such as cooking their own meals and building their own furniture. To "buy" different cooking ingredients and other tools, they have to complete certain tasks assigned by the production crew, such as planting and harvesting crops. Different guests join the cast in each episode and help out with the daily chores. The goal of the program is to bring the audience along on a slower pace of life and to illustrate the joys of a simple lifestyle.[2] 041b061a72


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