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Watch Hangimiz Sevmedik Online - Full Episodes of Season 1

Hangimiz Sevmedik: A Turkish Drama Series and a Classic Song

If you are a fan of Turkish drama, you might have heard of Hangimiz Sevmedik, a TV series that aired in 2016-2017. But did you know that the title of the series is also the name of a famous song that has been covered by many Turkish artists over the years? In this article, we will explore the story behind Hangimiz Sevmedik, both as a series and as a song, and how they have influenced Turkish culture and society.

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What is Hangimiz Sevmedik?

Hangimiz Sevmedik is a Turkish drama series that was produced by BSK Yapim and broadcasted on TRT 1 from July 15, 2016 to May 15, 2017. The series had 40 episodes, each lasting about two hours. The title of the series translates to "Who among us did not love?" in English.

What is the plot of the series?

The series revolves around the secret marriage of Tarik and Itir, who belong to two rival families that have been arguing for 36 years. Tarik's mother Adile and Itir's father Münir are both widowed and have a history of love and betrayal that their children are unaware of. As Tarik and Itir try to keep their marriage hidden from their families, they also face various challenges and obstacles in their relationship.

Who are the main characters and actors?

The main characters and actors of Hangimiz Sevmedik are as follows:

  • Tarik Çam: The son of Adile and a successful lawyer. He falls in love with Itir and marries her secretly. He is played by Can Yaman, who is also known for his roles in other Turkish dramas such as Inadina Ask, Dolunay, and Daydreamer.

  • Itir Yesil: The daughter of Münir and a talented architect. She loves Tarik and agrees to marry him secretly. She is played by Selen Soyder, who is also a former beauty queen and model.

  • Adile Çam: The mother of Tarik and a wealthy businesswoman. She hates Münir and his family because of their past. She is played by Altan Gördüm, who is also a veteran actress and director.

  • Münir Yesil: The father of Itir and a retired teacher. He despises Adile and her family because of their past. He is played by Altan Erkekli, who is also a renowned actor and comedian.

  • Sener Yesil: The brother of Itir and a journalist. He supports his sister's marriage with Tarik. He is played by Cengiz Bozkurt, who is also a famous actor and humorist.

  • Ilyas Çiçek: The best friend of Tarik and a lawyer. He helps Tarik hide his marriage from his mother. He is played by Bülent Sakrak, who is also an actor and singer.

The Song Behind the Title

What is the meaning of Hangimiz Sevmedik?

Hangimiz Se Hangimiz Sevmedik is also the title of a classic Turkish song that was written and performed by the legendary singer and composer Barış Manço in 1971. The song is one of the most popular and influential songs in Turkish music history, and has been covered by many artists over the years.

Who wrote and performed the song?

Barış Manço was born in 1943 in Istanbul, and started his musical career at a young age. He was influenced by various genres of music, such as rock, folk, pop, and psychedelic. He was also known for his distinctive style, charisma, and social messages. He wrote and performed hundreds of songs, many of which became hits and classics. He also hosted a TV show called 7'den 77'ye (From 7 to 77), where he traveled around the world and introduced different cultures and people to his audience. He died in 1999 at the age of 56, leaving behind a legacy of music and art.

Why is the song so popular and influential?

Hangimiz Sevmedik is a song that expresses the universal feelings of love, longing, and nostalgia. The lyrics are simple but poetic, and the melody is catchy and emotional. The song appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, as it reflects the common experiences and emotions of humanity. The song also has a historical and cultural significance, as it was released during a turbulent period in Turkey's history, marked by political and social unrest. The song offered a sense of hope and solidarity to the people who were suffering from oppression and violence.

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The Cultural Impact of Hangimiz Sevmedik

How did the series and the song affect Turkish society and culture?

The series and the song both had a positive impact on Turkish society and culture, as they promoted the values of love, peace, tolerance, and harmony. The series showed how two families from different backgrounds and ideologies could overcome their differences and prejudices, and learn to respect and accept each other. The series also highlighted the importance of family, friendship, loyalty, honesty, and justice. The song inspired millions of people to cherish their loved ones, to remember their past, and to hope for a better future. The song also became a symbol of resistance and freedom for many people who were oppressed by the authoritarian regime.

What are some of the themes and messages of Hangimiz Sevmedik?

Some of the themes and messages of Hangimiz Sevmedik are as follows:

  • Love is the most powerful force in the world, and it can overcome any obstacle or challenge.

  • Everyone deserves to love and be loved, regardless of their background, identity, or status.

  • Love is not only a feeling, but also a choice, a commitment, and a responsibility.

  • Love is not always easy or smooth, but it is always worth fighting for.

  • Love can heal the wounds of the past, and create a bridge between the present and the future.

How did Hangimiz Sevmedik inspire other works of art and media?

Hangimiz Sevmedik inspired many other works of art and media, both in Turkey and abroad. Some examples are:

  • A movie called Hangimiz Sevmedik: The Movie was released in 2017, based on the series. It featured some of the original cast members, as well as new characters and scenes.

  • A musical called Hangimiz Sevmedik: The Musical was staged in 2018, based on the song. It featured some of Barış Manço's other songs, as well as new songs written for the show.

  • A book called Hangimiz Sevmedik: The Book was published in 2019, based on both the series and the song. It was written by Can Yaman himself, who shared his personal insights and experiences about playing Tarik Çam.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Hangimiz Sevmedik is more than just a title of a series or a song. It is a cultural phenomenon that has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people in Turkey and around the world. It is a story that celebrates love in all its forms and manifestations. It is a message that encourages peace It is a message that encourages peace and harmony among people who have different views and beliefs. It is a legacy that honors the memory and the art of Barış Manço, one of the greatest Turkish musicians of all time.

Call to action for the readers

If you have not watched Hangimiz Sevmedik, or listened to the song, we highly recommend you to do so. You will not regret it, as you will be immersed in a captivating and moving story that will make you laugh, cry, and think. You can find the series on various online platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You can also find the song on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. You can also check out the movie, the musical, and the book, if you want to learn more about Hangimiz Sevmedik.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and learned something new and interesting about Hangimiz Sevmedik. If you did, please share it with your friends and family, and leave us a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about Hangimiz Sevmedik. Thank you for reading!


What is the genre of Hangimiz Sevmedik?

Hangimiz Sevmedik is a drama series that


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