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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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John Duran
John Duran

Nerd Online Gratuito

A Netflix revelou nesta segunda-feira (24) que está preparando a primeira Semana Geeked, um evento que contará com uma programação recheada de notícias exclusivas, novos trailers e participações de atores queridinhos dos fãs. A grade será 100% online, gratuita e será realizada de 7 a 11 de junho.

Nerd online gratuito

Internet Download Manager não é um programa gratuito, mas tem um período de testes de 30 dias onde você pode experimentar todas as funcionalidades e decidir se vale a pena. Você não precisa se registrar para usar por estes 30 dias.

Stream your video gaming with Logitech's Streamlabs Open Broadcasting System(Opens in a new window) (aka SLOBS) directly to YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. You can even switch between gameplay and your webcam to make some commentary. There may be a learning curve because of the power it wields, but you can find plenty of help online.

Want to host an online meeting for you and 100 of your closest friends? Zoom Meetings can let them all in for free, for up to 40 minutes from any device, even a smartphone. Competitively priced premium plans with additional features are also available. Zoom is a PCMag Editors' Choice award winner, and it made our list of the Best Tech Products of 2021, too. (Also check out our top zoom tips.)

Once just a part of Microsoft Office, the sublime OneNote has become a free, standalone powerhouse for note-taking across all the major OSes. It still works with Office, syncs data across all platforms, and has full online access via, with storage on OneDrive. That's why it's our Editors' Choice pick for note storage.

Do you want to stop the trackers watching you online dead in their digital tracks? Going incognito on a standard browser isn't enough. You need to use a full-on privacy browser, one that blocks the cookies and especially the fingerprinting of your whole browser and computer. Brave(Opens in a new window) is one of a slew of them with a rating for strong protection from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but it also adds in advanced protection against fingerprinting. (For details, read The Best Private Browsers.)

Necesita ayuda para elegir el mejor plan para su negocio? Contáctenos o reserve un personalizado demostración. Lo guiaremos a través de nuestro software de reservas gratuito, además de funciones exclusivas de Premium y Pro.

Supera il test per i veri giocatori intelligenti nel nostro gioco Nerd Quiz online gratuito, perché non hai visto i giochi che erano interessanti come questo. Questo gioco è adatto per principianti e utenti fiduciosi, per adulti e per bambini. Avrai 25 domande e dovrai dare la risposta corretta. Le domande riguarderanno diversi argomenti come giochi, film, scienza e così via. Inoltre, con una musica fantastica e una cavalcatura interessante, il gioco diventa ancora più divertente, quindi illuminerà perfettamente la tua grigia cupa serata. Il gioco può sembrare abbastanza semplice a prima vista, ma, in realtà, è complesso e richiede conoscenze in diversi settori. Allo stesso tempo avrai risposte diverse, a volte sarà "Sì / No", a volte sarà una risposta dettagliata, ea volte dovrai persino finire una frase, quindi sii molto vigile.

SantaGames.Net brings you an Advent calendar for kids, full of online games, crosswords, puzzles, screensavers, and Christmas surprises. There's a good chance your child will get distracted with the Christmas themed games on the site.

Advent My Friend offers another free DIY online Advent calendar. Have a look at their calendar demo to see what a finished calendar could look like. Like on Türchen, you can autofill your calendar with items from the demo, or add your own images, video URLs, and personal messages.


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