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Aster V7 15: How to Set Up and Troubleshoot Multiple Workstations on a Single PC

Another interesting feature is the possibility of bulk operations: number of files to cut, copy, send, etc. For example, if you would like to send all the pictures from the directories F, F1 and F2 to the external hard disk (USB), you can do it with two simple actions. The first step is to select the folders and files that will be copied. You can do this by moving the files or folders (or dragging them) to the Enter panel, or click on the buttons Move files or Move folders in the ASTER Control panel. At the screenshot you will see the chosen objects. Press the Enter button and the selected items will be copied.

aster v7 15

  • You can do one of two things: If you have the 1.5-nonstable version installed, you can edit the configuration file$TNG_DIR/asterisk/conf/extensions/endpoint.conf

  • If you are using the latest version of Asterisk, you can simply write a custom dialplan extension, which will take care of the update.

It seems you have called the correct number, but were put through to our voice mail service.We recommend pressing 1 to reach a real person. This message was sent on behalf of theVoiceMail ASTER from SDK

For more information about changing the settings of the media containing the ASTER Master License, read at the support site the ASTER User Guide (instructions A2-6, A7-1, A7-2 and A7-3, the button ASTER Store).


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