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Best Mileage Tracking Apps For IOS ~REPACK~

Whether you are in charge of your own business or you are managing a fleet of vehicles for a company, you will be amazed by just how useful a mileage tracking app can be. The apps in this list are good for everything from accurate journey coverage to ensuring you receive the maximum tax deduction that is available to you. Rather than just compile a list of basic gas mileage apps, we have sprinkled in a fair amount of variety with this list, so be sure to look at all of the features that are offered because you might just find something that revolutionizes the way you run your business or personal traveling.

Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iOS

The Mileage Expense Log Tracker app is built for personal or business mileage and expense tracking. With the mileage tracking app for iPhone, you can track mileage via odometer, GPS, or direct entry. Easily add trip expenses (tolls, meals, etc.), view IRS reimbursement rates, and submit reports via e-mail. Sort by vehicle, date, purpose, or destination.

With its advanced mileage tracking technology, SherpaShare makes it easy for you to track your mileage for personal and professional use. Additionally, the app makes it convenient for you to get the best tax deduction with very little work on your part. The app is used by drivers from popular services like Uber and by millions of other individuals. Easily categorize your trips, track your expenses, securely back-up data to the cloud, connect and interact with a community of other drivers, view the busiest driving areas, check out the latest real time road conditions, get support and much more. This app really makes tracking mileage a simple and efficient process. Sherpashare app review

The best mileage tracker for your business will depend on your needs as a business owner. Are you a rideshare driver? Do you pay reimbursements to employees for travel? Do you use Apple iOS or Android? Different apps cater to different needs. Skip scrolling through an app store with the five best mileage tracker apps to make mileage logging stress a thing of the past.

MileIQ is the gold standard when it comes to tracking mileage. This app comes equipped with all of the bells and whistles, such as smart-drive technology which automatically logs your drive and calculates that drive's value. Classify all of your trips easily and save your drive data in the cloud to access it on a different device if needed. You can even export your data for filing purposes. The app sports a nifty and sharp interface, which is an added bonus. MileIQ allows you to track 40 drives free of charge each month, but if you need to track more, there are subscription services available.

TripLog includes a lot of features similar to most of the apps in this category. It is nicely packaged and and there are a ton of in-app purchases so that you can tailor this app to your specific mile tracking needs.

MileTracker is another notable app in this category that'll keep your mileage tracking organized. Track your fueling, toll expenses, and parking expenses on top of tracking your mileage and distinguish between your personal and business entries. With MileTracker you can also decide on whether you'd like to track your mileage live via GPS or enter it manually.

Auto Miles is a gorgeous app when it comes to aesthetics, probably one of the best looking ones in the bunch. It offers automatic mileage tracker, which is great, but tends to have occasional hiccups where it never starts tracking trips. Sadly, this is could propose a big issue so we are going to deem this app merely decent until this issue is resolved.

Some mileage trackers will automatically start tracking your mileage once you start driving when you connect your phone to your vehicle's Bluetooth. Many apps allow you to categorize your trips as personal or work-related, making it easier to calculate your mileage expenses for your taxes.

Everlance is a mileage-tracking app that can track your trips automatically. You can leave the app to detect your travels automatically, or you can add or stop a trip manually and classify whether the trip is for work or personal. You can download your mileage reports to PDF or Microsoft Excel from your phone, and the platform provides IRS-compliant downloads you can use at tax time.

TripLog is a mileage-tracking platform for small businesses and self-employed individuals. The platform addresses the unique needs of the following industries: ride-share/delivery, accountants, sales representatives, IT/technology, public sector & non-profits, construction, and healthcare. There are two versions of the platform: business and self-employed.

SherpaShare automatically starts tracking your mileage once you start driving. The app will allow you to end a trip manually; however, you cannot start it that way. If, for some reason, your trip didn't track automatically, you can submit the details in the app, and the app will calculate your mileage expense.

We recommend you try a few different mileage tracker apps before deciding on the one that works best for you. The good news is that most apps offer either a free version or a free trial so nothing is stopping you from trying out a few. Read below to find out what you should be looking for to find the best mileage tracker app for Android or iPhone in Canada.

Firstly, you need an app that is compliant with CRA requirements. The best mileage tracker apps will be able to log the date, destination and total kilometres of trips you take. You should also be able to determine the purpose of each trip and log odometer readings at the beginning and end of the year.

Note that apps with automatic tracking might pick up trips in vehicles where you are the passenger, or when you are using public transport. The best mileage tracker apps provide a small device you can have delivered to Canada that you place in your vehicle. These devices connect to the automatic mileage tracker app and will only pick up relevant trips that you take with your vehicle.

Mileage tracking apps can generally be useful to everyone but they are best for individuals and teams who use personal vehicles for work-related driving and need accurate logs of their trips. Often that is self-employed individuals, employees who use their car for both business and personal usage, Uber or Lyft drivers, delivery service workers, consultants and anyone else who needs to take trips for business purposes. If you are eligible for mileage reimbursement, you can use our mileage calculator to find out the approximate sum you could get from tax returns, and decide if using a mileage tracker app in Canada is right for you.

One of the questions we get asked often is whether there is an option for a free mileage tracker in Canada and the answer is yes! There are a few apps out there that offer free CRA compliant mileage tracking.

A mileage tracker app also serves as a logbook you can use as proof of your mileage claim. Your trips are safely stored on a cloud so if you lose your phone, your trips will be safe and you will have accurate records of your past journeys. Most apps are also able to generate a PDF report for you so that you can easily hand it over to your boss or accountant without having to do any manual work.

These days, many entrepreneurs and self-employed people are looking to get the most out of their mileage tax deductions on their iPhones by tracking their car mileage on them. While iPhones certainly exist at the cutting edge of smartphone technology, offering some tracking features, a mileage app for iPhones is certainly the way to go, especially if you want to take advantage of the fantastic features available on an app like ours.

Regardless of these facts, tracking your steps is simply not relevant to tracking business miles the way that various mileage trackers can, which is why so many software providers have put the time into developing applications that serve this particular purpose.

Apps to the rescue! Thanks to your phone's built-in GPS, mileage-tracking apps can automatically detect when you go for a drive, then save and classify that drive. At the end of the year (or sooner, as needed), the app will crank out an IRS-friendly report, thus ensuring you receive all the mileage credit you're entitled to.

From here you can choose Auto Track or Odometer, the latter if you prefer to manually log your mileage. But the former includes Start and Stop buttons, which would seem to challenge the idea of automatic tracking.

To really get the most from it, though, you'll want to upgrade to either the Personal or Business plan, which cost $1.50/month ($15 annually) and $2.50/month ($25 annually). Those options add support for things like automated mileage tracking and cloud backup, receipt photos (for things like gas expenses) and unlimited IRS-ready reports.

The automated mileage tracking is more comprehensive here than in either of the other apps, at least in terms of how it engages. It can start when power is connected to the phone (think: car charger), when a Bluetooth connection is made (think: car stereo), during a selected time period or when it detects sustained movement above 4 mph. You even have the option of syncing with a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner, which would eliminate the need to use battery-draining GPS.

Mileage tracking software enables organizations to track mileage and distances driven by staff for business, operational, tax, and accounting reasons.Compare the best Mileage Tracking apps for iPhone currently available using the table below.

Besides the above-mentioned trial period, enterprise companies have to focus on the options for Team usage in a mileage logging software. Web dashboard platforms that are shareable with coworkers and accountants with possible various permissions give the company the opportunity to assign certain cars to certain workers, in a flexible way, which is optimized for teamwork. This way the group can track their business miles together in their work hours, with the supervision of the Administrator account. Another primary goal for them is to find the best price per user.


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