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  • What is a CPL? What is a CCW?
    CPL stands for Concealed Pistol License. This is the correct term for the license that will allow you to carry a pistol concealed in Michigan. It is commonly referred to as CCW although this is inaccurate. The term CCW is the name of the crime of “Carrying a Concealed Weapon” as defined by law.
  • I don’t live in the same county where your class is being given. Is this, O.K.?"
    Yes. The class that you are taking is called Personal Protection in the Home Course. With NRA and USCCA certified instructors and training counselors, we are certified to teach this course all over the United States. This course meets the State of Michigan training requirements that you must meet to apply for your concealed pistol license (CPL).
  • How do I apply for my CPL?
    First you must take you completed application along with you course completion certificate to the County Clerk’s Office of the county in which you reside. There, you will submit your application and pay the application fee. The county clerk will then provide you with a receipt that you will take to your local police or Sheriff’s department. There, your fingerprints will be taken, and your background check will begin. Once the county gun board receives the fingerprint comparison report, they will issue or deny the license within 45 days.
  • How long will it take to get my CPL?
    Depending on the county in which you are applying, it will take from one to three months to receive your CPL.
  • Are there places where I cannot carry a pistol even if I have a CPL?
    Yes, there is a list of places where you are not allowed to carry your pistol. These are referred to as “Pistol Free Zones”. Here the link to Pistol Free Zones: please click -,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654-10947--,00.html
  • Can someone with past misdemeanor or felonies receive a CPL?
    There is a large list of misdemeanors that will disqualify from obtaining your CPL. These misdemeanors are listed on the State of Michigan Website. Any felony will disqualify you from obtaining your CPL. Here the link to CPL Requirements: please click -,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654-10926--,00.html
  • Can I carry a concealed pistol with my CPL in states other than Michigan?
    There are specific rules regarding “Reciprocity” with other states. If you are a Michigan resident with a Michigan concealed pistol and want to carry your pistol into another state, you are strongly encouraged to contact that state for information on their concealed pistol law. A Michigan CPL does not supersede any other state’s law or CCW requirements.
  • Can I carry a concealed pistol when I have my permit?
    No, a permit is showing that you are in the process of obtaining your CPL. If you have not received your CPL within.
  • Can I carry a Taser?
    Not without a valid CPL . A CPL is required to purchase or possess a stun gun or Taser. It’s illegal to use a Taser except under circumstances that justify the legal use of physical force, including to defend yourself or someone else from an attack or sexual assault.
  • What are the steps to getting my CPL?
    Step One: Known your Eligibility. please click -,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654-10926--,00.html Step Two: Take a Certified Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Step Three: Submit your CPL Certificate and CPL Application to your local County Clerk Office.
  • Do you have a duty to notify a police officer that you're carrying a concealed firearm in Michigan?
    Yes. You have a duty to inform that you are carrying a concealed handgun upon contact with law enforcement. [Mich. Comp. Laws: please click - ]
  • Where can I get the latest Michigan Firearm Laws?
    Michigan State Police Legal Updates please click - Firearms Laws of Michigan please click -
  • How long can do I have to submit my CPL certificate to County Clerk?
    (1) one year from the signed date on your CPL Certificate.
  • How long is my CPL good for before I must renew it?
    A CPL is valid until the applicant's date of birth that falls not less than four years or more than five years after the license is issued or renewed.
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