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John Duran
John Duran

Wavesfactory Cassette v1.0.0 Review: A Time Machine for Your Audio

no other plugin offers such detailed, accurate control over a vintage effect. such as the lock function, allowing you to lock a sound to a single frequency. this is especially useful for when you have a single line or synth that you would like to keep on the same frequency as the main signal.

Wavesfactory Cassette v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

the people who used the original unit have always been vocal about how much they loved the sound of this unit. this is possibly the most sought after unit due to it's high quality sound and lack of additional phoniness-like effect. this is a fun, warm overdrive that is meant to emulate the sound of mixing at a radio station as well as a live performance. if you are looking for a hard to find overdrive for your mix, this is it.

the hg-2 provides a warm sound with very similar characteristics to those of the source. this effect is ideal for boosting vocals, bass, and anything else that requires some volume boost, without much harshness or noticeable phasing.

the character and sound of this plugin are that of the original hardware, which has been tried and tested to give unmistakably outstanding results. enhancing the bass using this plugin instantly lets you control its style without ever touching a transient processor. similarly, the lc eq never lets the high frequencies become overly sharp and annoying. this is one of the few plugins that are really difficult to make sound bad.

waves have taken the extra step to ensure full flexibility in capturing this vintage hardwares character. for example, each of the two mix modes has a distinct style. while the mix 1 mode is somewhat clean, the mix 2 mode changes based on the amount of ax mix. at first, the effect remains quite subtle; halfway up, you will notice some phasing occurring at the mid-high frequencies. and turning the mix up even more results in a huge treble boost.


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